Popularity trend of common Hungarian names

Copyright © Tamas Marko | 2017


The aim of this application is to show the trend of common Hungarian man and woman names between 2000 and 2016. You can download the data soucre


Because of the different number of birth between the genders I calculated the percentage rate of every names in each years. Unfortunalety the database only contains the top 100 names of each gender in every years so when the chosen name is not on the top100 it's value is always 0 so there is no doubt this is an underestimation which distors the results (hopefully just a little bit).



font color shows the female names while the


color shows the male names.

The names which are located above to the


line are rather middle names while the names which are located under the


line are rather first names.

The most popular names in each years are near from the top right corner.

You can choose one of the names by clicking on it or You can choose from the drop-down list in the top of the application. When You select one or multiple names the selected names will be shown in


font color.

The animation is started when You click to the 'Play' button.

This application was written in R language. I used Rstudio




for the visualization.