Automatic report generator directly from

This report can helps You to monitoring the key indicators of the data collection and You can also check the up-to-date results under the whole process.

data collection inspector

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Total number of responses
Response rate (expected interviews: 600)
Avarage number of responses per day
Number of days since the data collection started

Calendar view (number of responses)

Time series view (number of cumulative responses)

Summary report of results

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Sex ratio

Employment category rate

Regional distribution

Distribution of yearly income according to specified varibles

Technical details

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This is an automatic report generator tool from this Google Form survey. So this is a dynamic report, when You fill the questionare and than push the refresh button (top right corner) the report also updates itself (within a few minutes). Give it a try! This application can be used as a minimalist survey automatic evaluation tool for instance. You can also check the database of the survey here.

The aim of the inspector section is to make a quick review about the data collection so the whole process can be kept under control. There are 4 info-boxes which contains some key informations. The calendar plot can helps to check which are the most frequent days and how many responses has been recieved per day. The time series plot can explores and visualizes the trend of the data collection. For example in online surveys the impact of motivation letters can be detected with this plot.

The summary section contains the essencential informations of the results in a visual form. There are 2 static and 1 dynamic plot. The target variable and the the plot type is customizable in the dynamic plot.

This is an RStudio Shiny web-based application so it was mainly written in R language but the UI is a custom Bootstrap HTML UI which also contains some JavaScript solutions. I made the connection between the Google Form database and the Shiny app with Google Sheets R API.